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  army of destruction "We aren't mindless morons who are on a rampage, like the name suggest, but people who know the real side of things, and want to stop it. Stand Tall or Don't Stand At All."
  the brooklyn rail Brooklyn's most opinionated journal. A weekly series of salvos, forays and soapbox orations about whatever happens to catch their critical fancy.
  constant reader Poetry, essays, reviews and photography; published by Carol Van Houten.
  duct tape press Literary 'zine based in Austin, TX, launched in January, 1998 by two lazy college students who had nothing better to do. Featuring fiction, poetry, essays... and we at ducts think they have a fabulous name.
  fuzzclog A well designed webzine published by students at Great Britain's Southampton Institute. Dedicated to showcasing the best unsigned writing, music, photography and film talent. Created to provide creative people with a platform and the tools required to develop their own material, allowing them to reach an audience of thousands.
  jagged "A sharp online magazine" directed at open-minded individuals who don't panic at the sight of a book that isn't on Oprah's book list or a film not on the top-grossing list from last weekend.
  lights out Devoted to the support and creation of independent entertainment. V. Emerson's extensive and interesting site features literature, comics, art and more.
  literary traveler The Guide for the Literary Traveler. Designed to explore the world of your literary imagination.
  mad prince of compton A literary pharmaceutical meticulously concocted to meet your sublime needs. Containing a cornucopia of writing by the Mad Prince, including original short stories and more.
  plasmotica "Precious fluid for the stimulated mind." A colorful, eclectic zine in a vein similar to your beloved ducts.
  3 am publishing Original and alternative short stories, comics, true tales, and self-help ebooks. Home of the popular men's ebook, "The Dating Guide to End All Dating Guides" and also "Velocity Magazine."
  thicksole "Collecting and Processing Expression." This webzine is full of reviews, fiction, columns, and features the work of ducts columnist, Nick Bhasin.
  carl's ink Carl Hose's site features writing, artwork, and many useful resources for writers. It also boasts an excellent e-zine list.
  travel journals
  adventure prone Computer engineer Peter Birch has left Silicon Valley for an around the world journey to Mexico, Central and South America, Africa, South East Asia, and China.
  david workman's personal humourous adventure travels A colorful, detailed, and (yes) funny website brought to you by the well traveled David Workman.
  epic tour Chris Hayashi and Kevin Orwick report from their around the world tour.
  dick & witta's grand adventure They've retired, and they're traveling the world... travelogues, information, thoughts and musings.
  free loop Jean-Paul Jacquet & Alyce Santoro are travelling around the USA in a 1963 VW Bus as an art project.
  leafpile Henry & Kathleen are exploring Europe for over a year and a half. Kathleen is taking photographs and Henry is taking in the experience for his writing.
  travel lady Expansive site featuring travel stories and information by writers around the world - soon to include our own Naked Man!
  our contributors
  a man, a plan, a canal, rob & sam! screenplays, skits, poems and other outrageous projects created by ducts humorists, Sam Riegel and Rob Blatt.
  richard goodman homepage Publications, reviews, biography, journals and unpublished writings by the esteemed ducts writer, Richard Goodman.
  gotham city improv One of New York City's premiere venues for improv comedy. Directed by ducts writer, David Storck.
  hi-fi productions Home of the very talented film composer and ducts contributor, Joel Goodman.
  night of 1000 jennifers A fabulous show of wit by twelve female performers and/or authors, what they have in common beyond their name is that they're all talented, all the time. Featuring ducts writer, Jennifer DeMeritt.
  peter selgin Artwork and information about ducts artist and writer, Peter Selgin.
  shirley chickenpants Finger lickin' funny sketch comedy. Friends of ducts writer, Jennifer DeMeritt.
  bob slaymaker Poems, short stories and essays -- and an impressive list of credits and readings -- from ducts poetry editor, Bob Slaymaker.
  thicksole "Collecting and Processing Expression." This webzine is full of reviews, fiction, columns, and features the work of ducts columnist, Nick Bhasin.
  the upright citizens brigade The creators of the tv show on Comedy Central also run a theater and school which has become the hottest spot for long-form improv and sketch comedy in New York City. Along with the UCB themselves, many ducts contributors perform live, six nights a week.
  francine witte The homepage of award winning ducts writer, Francine Witte.
  zac's version of reality A brighter brand of computer generated sci-fi and abstract artwork. Featuring ducts artist, Zachary Lowing.
  books for sale
  awake, new poets of america #12 Poetry by ducts contributor Dorianne Laux. No. 12 in the New Poets of America series.
  black wings & blind angels: poems A book of 48 electrifying poems by the author of "Push" and "American Dreams," acclaimed ducts contributor, Sapphire.
  carnival evening New & Selected Poems, 1968-1998, by ducts contributor Linda Pastan. "Linda Pastan's poems are the kind likely to make fans out of her readers....[S]he is a poet of a hundred small delights, celebrations, responses, satisfactions, pleasures." -- Hudson Review
  city of coughing & dead radiators: poems The fourth book of poetry from ducts contributor Martin Espada. " to be opened by those who know the consequences of poets speaking out, but also a book for a larger audience convinced that poetry is a source for survival." -- Ray Gonzalez, The Nation.
  french dirt:
the story of a garden in the south of france
When ducts contributor Richard Goodman takes off for the South of France for one sun-baked fantasy year living in a wine-making village, he begins what is ultimately a love affair with a garden. "One of the most charming, perceptive and subtle books ever written about the French by an American." -- San Francisco Chronicle
  how the sky fell Poetry by ducts contributor Denise Duhamel.
  m-80 Poetry by ducts contributor Jim Daniels.
  selected poems by Robert Creeley 200 poems from five decades, by distinguished ducts contributor Robert Creeley. Los Angeles Times Book Review, Reviewed by Muske, Carol: "It is hard to imagine any reader, confronted with this body of nearly a life's work, not succumbing to the enchantment of these crooked litanies."
  writers resources
  traced Andy Oldfield lists a number of excellent zines with informative descriptions. The main site has many resources for writers.
  write link Mainly British at the moment, but becoming more global by the minute. Dozens of links to markets, contests, publishers, reference sites and circles.


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