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Praise for Codename: Vengeance

Paul MacTavish

harp-eyed and suspenseful, Trevor Banks' tale of ultimate payback raises the bar for the genre. Just as he did with Sins of the Geisha, Banks has given the world a meaty piece of red-hot fiction.

- Carl Sutton, author of Sudden Justice

"Ballsy and big-hearted, Detective Slade Sheehan is a character for the ages. Only Trevor Banks could create a protagonist with so many layers. A champion of justice, but with a soft spot for small-time hoods, you'll be rooting for Sheehan to conquer his fetishes and win back his one true love, all the way to the blood-soaked but tender climax."

- Thom Halpern, author of Sharkville

"With Dex Hauser, Trevor Banks has created the type of bible-quoting, gun-toting, unrelenting killing machine too-long missing from contemporary literature. Hauser's near-daily axe fights with the troubled but brilliant Sheehan result in a riveting, terrifying page-turner. The verdict is in: Banks' long-awaited follow-up to Blood Splatter is guilty of greatness."

-Patricia Quinn, author of She's Been Captured By Mountain Men

"Crackling tension. I couldn't put it down. Except during the opera scene. I didn't get that. Why was Sheehan wearing that reversible red cape, and how did snapping the cellist's neck contribute to the plot? But I was absorbed."

- Will S. Donovan, author of Murder at the Waffle House

"The cellist was obviously working for Dex Hauser and would have been a great source of information, but Sheehan was so drunk that he didn't consider that. Plus, he always wore the reversible cape when drinking. It was symbolic: black for routine investigative work, red for off-duty thrill kills and sex with whores. It's so obvious. Read it again. Banks scores."

- Frank Collins, author of Kill, Sweet Raven

"Anyone who has woken up next to a dead swimsuit model and succumbed to that old necrophilic urge will relate to Dex Hauser's struggle for redemption. It's impossible to not see yourself on every page and sort through all the harebrained schemes and drug-clouded orgies you've been a part of. The whole thing just tore my heart out. I love you, son. And thanks for the smokes."

- Henry "Cougar" Banks author of Cellblock Zero: My Life in the Hole

"Astonishing.that my own son could write something so violent and perverse. Everybody's killing everybody, and all the characters have multiple sex partners. I didn't raise him this way."

-Florence Banks, author of Timesaving Tips for Tuckered Moms

"Trevor Banks? Decent jump shot. Tough under the basket. Flipped out and broke another player's nose once. But I remember him as a nice kid overall. Real quiet. His book? Haven't read it. I like romance and sports biographies."

- Roy Sybil, author of The High School Basketball Handbook

"A work for the ages. All hail Trevor Banks!"

- Harold Bloom, author of The Western Canon and Shakespeare: The Invention of the Human


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