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Hearsay: An Outloud Anthology

Performances recorded live at the Slipper Room, NYC 02.02.04

Hearsay is seven of New York's finest storytellers offering drama (without acting) and comedy (without standup). Hearsay members can be seen on stage at The Moth, Beyond Words, Eastside Oral, and the Cornelia Street Café and heard on the radio on Marketplace, Studio 360, and NPR. Their stories have been published in Newsweek and New York Press.


You've Got to Hide Your Gut Away by James Braly
Take your guileless girlfriend of seven years. Add a French goddess she befriends at the train station. Mix in your sex-starved, overfed, desk-job body. Serve on an Italian beach vacation.
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A Confession by Tom Weiser
A small dark cubby; a guilt ridden boy; a shadowy, powerful man: the
first time is always the hardest.
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Maybe, Baby by Jenifer Hixson
Swollen breasts, bloated, and nauseous; what could this mean? And who invited this frog figurine into my life?
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