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Andrew Mattina is Living Large

Andrew Mattina

As a teenager, a friend's band needed a bassist. They strapped a tuned down guitar over my neck and said, "here, play this!"

At that time my only experience was limited to some early banjo lessons, but I took to it right away; my first gig was a Brooklyn block party about three weeks later. The large punk scene in NYC at that time was one of my biggest influences.

The Talking Heads, the Ramones… I played in a few dozen rock bands, most of which have bled into obscurity. Around 1989 I found myself in a band called Gregory's Funhouse. It was a crazy sick rock band, that had a following that was just as sick as us! I performed virtually everywhere with that group, opening for such acts as the Butthole Surfers and Keanu Reeves' band Dogstar.

After Funhouse stopped performing, partly attributed to the death of their guitarist Rex Screamer, I sat around for a few months. I was home on a Saturday night doing nothing, so I called a good drummer friend of mine, Joe Filosa, and said hey man, musicians shouldn't be home on a Saturday night! He told me that he would do something about that! That moment marked the beginning of a band called Plastic Beef, a ever-growing and expanding musical entity. The idea behind Plastic Beef shows is to get as many friends as we could find onto the bill. The Plastic Beef "family" is now a conglomeration of many different and varied bands, all mostly based in Brooklyn. Plastic Beef, Liza & the Wonderwheels, Paula Carino, Kirsten Williams, The Worlds Fair, Paranoid Larry, The Spunk Lads, The Doids, The Larch, the list goes on forever.

Along with my Plastic Beef excursions, I have been featured on over twenty cd's, some of my proudest moments working with Kirsten Williams, and other songwriters such as Liza Garelik and Paula Carino. "The Holiest of Trinities' as I calls them!

The songs here are quite different from each other.

The mp3 with Ross Bonadonna is a journey into improv. Ya know, just count off, maybe, and just start playing. I happen to like this type of performing best of all. You open up and just let the music fall out space through your head.

The other mp3s, Tip Of the Iceberg and Venus Records are the genius of Paula Carino, one of the best songwriters around. Listen and you will instantly fall in love with it's brilliance! And of course you can listen to my work with Kirsten Williams!

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