Ducts recommends The Portable MFA in Creative Writing by the New York Writers Workshop (Writer's Digest Books), featuring chapters by two of our own editors, Tim Tomlinson (fiction) and Charles Salzberg (non-fiction).
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Greenpoint Press is proud to announce its new book:

The Sentence: A Family's Prison Memoir
by Gene Kraig

In this true account of an ordinary suburban family, Kraig chronicles the years leading up to and through her husband's incarceration, including the devastating consequences for her family.

$15 plus $2 shipping and handling. To order and for more information, click here.


Issue 17's Editor's Note
I Found it in My Attic... Contest Winners

The Photograph

Jennifer Hurley
Winner of the I Found it in My Attic writing contest.

A Championship Season
Juliet Eastland
Second Place Winner.

Highlights from This Issue

Essay: Mindy Greenstein
The Last Visit


Poetry: Suzanne Scarfone
Poems by Suzanne Scarfone


Memoir: Kuniko Katz
B-29s, from Funny, You Don't Look Jewish

+ Essay: Sarah Iverson
Sex Ed

Art Gallery: Zoe Strauss
"Public Knowledge"

Thomson Pond in Late Winter: Reverence of the Ordinary by Kim Barke • The Last Visit by Mindy Greenstein • The Frog Prince by Mike Dressel • Sex Ed by Sarah Iverson • Spring Fervor by Loriann Fell
Between Heaven and Earth by Doug Garr • The Moments Between by Helen Zelon • Reality -- What a Concept by Sunsh Stein • Long Gone by Richard Willis
>> More
The Difficult Ones by Brandon Cole • The Dunes by Johanna Randall Reed • The Visit by Catherine Pearson • Admit It by Rob Bass • >> More
Art Gallery
Zoe Strauss: Public KnowledgeThe Accumulation ProjectCaitlin Atkinson: Recent Photographs
The Absence of Romance by C. H. Coleman • Commotion and Others by Suzanne Scarfone •
So here's the thing... by Bill Bilodeau • Scouting the New World by Benjamin Malcolm • Domestic Disturbances by Helen Rafferty • Letters from Bulgaria by Jennifer H. Fortin
The M. Night Shymalan Modern Library by Dan McCoy • Andy Hardy in Camelot by Michael McWey • MyCult by Len Sousa
Can Humanists Talk to Postmodernists? by Mark Goldblatt • The Great War by Joan Bowman • One Man Out by T.R. Healy
Best of Ducts
Banal to the Bone by Philip Shane • The Day My Grandpa Didn't Die by Nic Darling • Records by Susie ArmitageNumber One Son by J.B. Miller