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An Interview With The Director & Writers of Just One of The Guys

Devon T. Coleman

Still waiting for the special edition DVD

With the 20 year anniversary of the seminal gender role reversal classic upon us, we caught up with the minds behind the masterpiece.

Q: Well, let's just get started. Where did the idea for JUST ONE OF THE GUYS come from?

Dennis Feldman: I just sort of had this epiphany one day. What if a girl had to be in the boys locker room? What would she do around all those wangs?

Q: And that's where you came in, Jeff?

Jeff Franklin: Sort of.

Dennis Feldman: I had to convince him.

Jeff Franklin: (laughs) If only I'd known, right?

Q: I was wondering about that...

Jeff Franklin: You know, I couldn't get past...the biggest challenge was how would we keep people from finding out she wasn't a girl for two hours?

Dennis Feldman: But I knew Jeff liked a challenge.

Jeff Franklin: Yeah. I kind of had a breakthough. No one would know she was a girl if she cut her hair and wore baggy clothes.

Dennis Feldman: That was it.

Jeff Franklin: No. No, this was your vision. Totally.

Dennis Feldman: Yeah, no, but that's where it all started to come together. The baggy shirts.

Q: And when did you come on board, Lisa[Gottlieb, the film's director]?

Lisa Gottlieb: Well, I read the script and I just, you know, I just loved it. It had all the earmarks of a classic. Farce, a love story, a horny little brother.

Q: Sherilyn Fenn.

Jeff Franklin: Yeah. Wait. You're being serious, right.

Q: I...well, yes.

Jeff Franklin: Good.

Q: Were you guys always happy with the choice of Lisa as the director?

Jeff Franklin: I was.

Dennis Feldman: Yeah.

Jeff Franklin: I mean, she's a woman.

Lisa Gottlieb: And I knew what it was like, to be a girl pretending to be a guy....

Dennis Feldman: ...who's warding off the advances of Sherilyn Fenn.

Jeff Franklin: Wow.

Lisa Gottlieb: Can that be off the record?

Q: I'll do what I can. But it sort of leads quite nicely into my next question, what was it like working with the film's star, Joyce Hyser?

Dennis Feldman: Now she was great. A real class act.

Jeff Franklin: That's true.

Lisa Gottlieb: She was something all right.

Jeff Franklin: Here we go...

Lisa Gottlieb:  I'm just saying, I don't think she was "all that". Can you put "all that" in quotations? But only the first time?

Q: Yes, of course.

Lisa Gottlieb: Thanks.

Q: There's a rumor going around of a sequel...

Jeff Franklin: Right.

Dennis Feldman: Just Two Of The Guys. Yeah. It would take a lot for that to happen.

Q: Really?

Lisa Gottlieb: I guess the guy who played the asshole is, like, president of Spike TV now or something.

Dennis Feldman: That's what he's doing??

Lisa Gottlieb: I think so.

Dennis Feldman: I just heard he was president of a network. I guess it wouldn't take that much, then.

Jeff Franklin: Ouch.  See you in 20 more, folks!


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