The Pitts
by Jonathan Kravetz

VENICE, Italy (Reuters) - Brad Pitt, whose good looks and hunky body make millions of women swoon, said Friday that beauty and wealth weren't everything...

...He said he couldn't agree more with the protagonist in his new movie,``Fight Club,'' who said too many people work in jobs they hate to buy things they don't need...

Pitt had ample opportunity in the movie to show off his rippling muscles and washboard stomach. But, as if to prove his point, he denied he had been reluctant to crop his hair for part of the role. ``Hair's hair,'' he said...

"I am beginning to think that
perhaps hair is not just hair.


Brad Pitt:
My philosophy


Journal Entry #1
Hair's hair.
Journal Entry #2

Found a lock out of place on forehead this morning. I am beginning to think that perhaps hair is not just hair. Not sure, will have to meditate on this tonight after shampoo and rinse.

Journal Entry #3
Watched rerun of E.R. on television and it made me think more about this hair issue. Would Anthony Edwards be George Clooney if he had better hair? And vice versa? Ha ha ha ha. Must do some research. Lock of hair is still out of place. I am beginning to despair...
Journal Entry #4

Finished reading Hegel for Dummies. He doesn't have much to say about hair. And he's pretty dry. Reread Clifford, the Big Red Dog. Very funny. Must remember to suggest a movie version to Philip. No progress on troubling hair conundrum. I may be losing my grip on reality.

Journal Entry #5
Cut off a split end today. Made me think. Cry.
Journal Entry #6

Is it possible that the world is really divided into two segments: those with good hair and those without? And I wonder if those with good hair are particularly blessed. Wouldn't that make me more blessed than anyone? Perhaps I am a step closer to the answer to this maddening riddle. Hair still out of place. Why? (Choked on a Milk Dud this evening. Avoid those.)

Journal Entry #7
I saw a terrible, terrible thing today: a bald man. He was tying his shoes on Sunset Boulevard and the sun reflected off his shiny head. What a pathetic sight. Could it happen to me -- baldness, I mean? I have glimpsed my own pale immortality. I am dust. Must reconsider my whole theory: "Hair today, gone tomorrow?" What a sad, sad world.
Journal Entry #8

Rewatched Legends of the Fall seven times this afternoon. My hair looked very fine in that movie. It spoke of inner pain, of the potential for bravery in a coward's world and of the beauty of the universe. Also, my hair looked really, really fluffy. There is some light at the end of the tunnel, perhaps. If only I could touch it (I think I'd be able to with longer arms).

Journal Entry #9
Hope. Caught sight of myself in the mirror above my bed this morning. Every hair: perfect. No explanation. But my lock of hair is back where it belongs. I am Brad Pitt. Possible philosophy: I HAIR, therefore I AM.
Journal Entry #10
I am starting a new film today. The Sound and the Fury and the Beach. They want me to grow my hair down to my shoulders and dye it platinum blonde. Can't decide if this would betray current philosophy. Who am I if not my hair?
Journal Entry #11

They offered me $7.2 million. Dyed hair platinum blonde. Hair is hair.



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