Trumpet Fiction

Ducts' live reading series in New York's Greenwich Village -- hosted by our editor, Jonathan Kravetz.

It's so crazy, it's insane! Every month, three writers read from their own fiction. The writers are diverse, hip and stylish -- they're SO 2003!

ducts is proud to offer selections from our Trumpet Fiction readings.So snuggle up to your monitor and sample the best original fiction in New York City.

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winter - new! -
(current issue)

big hat, stetson man
by francine witte

The Waiting Room
counting on...
e.b. gallardo

short... of... breath...
mitchell levenberg


(issue 5)

Have You Ever Hit Anyone As An Adult?
she's the most beautiful of them all
by patti munter

Bounced Check
a future ignited, a past engulfed
by margaret hundley parker


(issue 4)

Oh, Lotto God, Deliver Us from Misery
it's only a job?
by bob slaymaker

Who Killed Jimmy Dean?
it's in the stars
by stephanie hart

All The News
the truth!
by benjamin malcolm


(issue 3)

I Like to Call it Sleep

when the phone doesn't ring
by francine witte

Jameson's Irish
bars and choices
by iris schwartz

Such a Perfect Day
slimfast, sweatshirts & women
by jonathan kravetz

The Cat
a feline by any other name...
by mitchell levenberg

Foster Care
other skills
by thaddeus rutkowski

(issue 2)

she is: therefore I am
by mark goldblatt

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the complete novel
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I Ain't Proud

yum, sex!
by margaret hundley parker

it's not the itching but the burning
by jonathan kravetz