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Thank you from
Laura Buchholz


Dear Valued Customer:

Thank you for choosing as your preferred online supplier of dried fruit.

We see from your order that you enjoy Apricot Angles. Based on your preferences, we believe that you would also like to try Mango Shapes, Cinnamon Apple Forms, or Long Banana Chips for your next purchase.

Because we appreciate your business, we at would like to offer you our special mix of Cranberries, Raisins, Applies, and Pears (CRAPtm) just to say "thank you". This luxury mix is a hit for individual snacking as well as lavish parties. Keep some CRAPtm in your pocket for long graduation ceremonies or spring weddings. Small piles of CRAPtm in the yard are always a hit at summer bar-b-ques. Or when you visit friends’ houses, leave some CRAPtm in an unexpected place as a surprise.

You don’t have to do anything. We already have your mailing address. But when you provide us the mailing address of a friend, will send both of you a complimentary bag of CRAPtm, tastefully gift-wrapped with our special CRAPtm paper.

If you and your friend want a more steady supply of CRAPtm to dish out to friends, you can join as a Platinum Member, and have bonus CRAPtm automatically arrive at your doorstep every month. You’ll even receive a hard-to-find sample of our Millennium Mix of Strawberries, Tangerines, Oyster Nut, Oranges, and Lemons (STOOLtm) if you join today!.

Don’t delay! There’s a world of dried fruit out there waiting for you, and samples of CRAPtm and STOOLtm not far behind!

Looking forward to your next order,

Your friends at


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