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Robert H.D. Ahrens
Robert is very tired. He has been awake for 19 straight hours, the last 14 of which he spent in his office at Cornell University, programming dynamic server pages for the website of the Solanancea Genomics Network. This, he claims, is why he can never get out of bed in the mornings. Despite this lifestyle and his recent decision to quit smoking, Robert still thinks that he's quite interesting. Some people just don't get it.If you do, e-mail him:
Aaron Bergeron
Aaron Bergeron is a writer for The Daily
Show with Jon Stewart. He's made dozens of appearances on Late Night with Conan O'Brien -- usually playing an NBC page or wearing some sort of animal costume. Aaron's performed in numerous improv shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York City. You may contact him at

Bill Bilodeau

Bill is the editor of a small daily newspaper in New Hampshire. He studied creative writing at Harvard and is currently at work on a novel. He is married... with children.
Kathleen Boland
Kathleen is a freelance (often unemployed) TV Segment Producer living in Los Angeles. She studied improv at the UCB Theater and now performs at IOWest in Hollywood. She often dreams of moving back to NY, but is too lazy to pack her things
Summer Copelan
Summer has an overactive imagination, a fondness for strong coffee, a collection of small press books and a habit of moving. She is not married, does not have any pets and does not own a nice car. However she has recently considered getting a dog and settling down. Instead she might travel the world and record it in her notebook. Summer can be found in various counterculture haunts, romping through the woods or home reading, cutting, pasting, and scribbling pictures and words. She has always wanted to be a writer when" she grows up", except in kindergarten when she wanted to be an astronaut. She can be reached via E-mail at
Sarah Dohrmann
Sarah bartends, waits tables, lives and writes in Manhattan. She also teaches creative writing in NYC Public Schools as a Writer-in-Residence with Teachers & Writers Collaborative.
Neesha Dosanjh
Neesha has been published in various anthologies, journals, newspapers and magazines. She has produced two films which arecurrently being distributed internationally. Whether on film or in print, she tells universal stories with multicultural characters, paying particular attention to the lives of girls and women.
Thomas Fast
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Thomas, a.k.a. Naked Man, is teaching English and Spanish to junior high and high school students in Japan. He studied art history at New York University and has traveled and lived throughout Europe, Latin America and Asia. His photographs have appeared in articles and magazines, and have been exhibited in Japan. He also makes guest appearances as a DJ at his local coffee house in Okayama City.
Mark Goldblatt
Mark is a widely published columnist and book reviewer. His most recent books are the novel, AFRICA SPEAKS, and--with Charles Salzberg and Missy Hyatt--the memoir FIRST LADY OF WRESTLING.
Douglas Hall
Douglas grew up in Southern California through no fault of his own. Three months before he was legal, he escaped to Northern California and a few years later made his way to the East Coast where people are normal, for god's sake. After 15 years of working as an actor and director in New York City, he has turned to writing as the next step in his quest to find the least remunerative profession available..
Prudence Wright Holmes
personal essays
ducts stage
Prudence is an actor and a writer. As an actor, she has appeared in the films SISTER ACT I and II with Whoopi Goldberg, KINGPIN with Woody Harrelson and IN DREAMS with Annette Bening. She has also appeared on Broadway with Meryl Streep in HAPPY END, in LETTICE AND LOVAGE with Maggie Smith and INHERIT THE WIND with George C.Scott. She has appeared on many prime time tv shows and daytime dramas and over100 commercials. As a writer, she has read at The Living Room, The Telephone Bar and KGB Red Room. She will be performing her two solo shows, DR SAM IS UNDER YOUR BED and THE AFRICAN VIOLET SOCIETY this fall at the NY Theatre Workshop.
Ross Klavan
Ross is currently writing the screenplays "Dark Fields" for Miramax, and the adaptation of Tom Clancy's "Without Remorse" for Paramount. His critically acclaimed original screenplay "Tigerland" was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award. The film, based on Klavan's novel of the same name, was directed by Joel Schumacher and released by 20th Century Fox in 2000. "Like Shaking Hands With God," a conversation on writing with Kurt Vonnegut and Lee Stringer, was published by Seven Stories Press in 1999. Klavan's short fiction has appeared in Zing Magazine, Pierogi Press, and on the BBC.
Jeffrey Ethan Lee
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Jeffrey won the Tupelo Press Literary Fiction Prize for The Autobiography of Somebody Else (forthcoming SUMMER 2002). He has a poetry CD, identity papers, available from Drimala Records [], which features percussionist Toshi Makihara and actress Lori-Nan Engler (funded in part by an SOS grant from the PA Council on the Arts), and he received a Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance grant (2001) to perform with this trio. Under former guises, he published strangers in a homeland, a poetry chapbook with Ashland Poetry Press (, and around a hundred-fifty poems, essays, etc. in publications such as Crazy Horse, CrossConnect, Inkwell Magazine, Many Mountains Moving, and others. Work has also been featured by the Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia: an excerpt of the poem, "the accident of our illusions / let the sky fall far through me," is on the Chinatown Mural, "The Colors of the Light," at 12th and Vine Streets. He has been featured at the Painted Bride Art Center, the Walt Whitman Center (Camden), New York Stories (in the East Village), NEMLA (Baltimore) and on WXPN’s "Live from Kelly Writer’s House" radio show, and at the Asian Arts Initiative RAP series show, "Love, Sex and Transgression." In his former lives he got the Ph.D. and MFA from NYU. He has recently accepted a job at the University of Northern Colorado as the poet of the English Department, so he is heading out west soon.
Johanna Li
Johanna is an associate editor at Simon & Schuster. Despite repeated attempts at rehabilitation she still likes to draw.
Constantine Limperis
art gallery
Constantine is an artist and a filmmaker living in New York City. He has often worked as a freelance editor, occasionally shooting film, photography and directing.
Benjamin Malcolm
Benjamin is a freelance writer based in Thailand. A former Thailand Peace Corps volunteer, he now lives and works in the northern town of Mae Hong Son, near the Burmese border.

Dan Meth
poetry illustrator

Dan is a person who lives in Queens, NYC. He was born in a hospital and has been drawing pictures of strange things for a quarter of a century. As a child he watched Popeye and talked to monsters. He later memorized the Beach Boys' records (all of them, not just "Pet Sounds"). He isn't really short but he's not tall either. Squares think he is a weirdo but most weirdos think he is a square. Dan Meth went to Syracuse University where his daily newspaper comic strip made students laugh nervously. After that he moved to California and his bicycle got stolen. He tried to surf like the Beach Boys, but that was gonna take too much time so he came back to New York City Now he bowls and eats Italian Ice on his fire escape. He just completed his first solo record, "John Crave - The Golden Rock". He is building the next big animation studio... in his bedroom. Take a look at his work at
Ricki Miller
personal essays
Ricki has taught elementary school in Massachusetts and Long Island, New York. She has been teaching for so long, that regardless of where she is, at precisely 10 A.M. each day, she must have snacktime, preferably with people who knock things over a lot. She has wanted to be a writer for a long, long time. Ricki is currently working on her second book Digging up Dirt- Stories From My Family Tree.
Cindy Moore
Cindy is an artist, currently working as an arts administrator in Manhattan. She lives and paints in a windowless loft in Williamsburg.
Derek Nacho Nason
Derek crawled onto earth in Princeton, NJ. Rejecting pretension, his parents moved to Littleton, Colorado when he was five. He quickly mastered the arts of suburban defection and became a "guy who thinks he has something to say" by sixteen. After purging himself of emotional investment he fell in love, went to college and studied English and Theater at the University of Denver. (A school he found bubbling with drunkards and cynics, but a school from which he nonetheless graduated.) He currently spends his time wasting away in social interactions and attempts to achieve karmic rebirth through massive consumption of ideas. He hopes someday to be a theater director and a high school teacher.
Maud Newton
Maud works as an editor in New York City, and is a creative writing graduate student at CCNY. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, with her husband and two cats, but spends part of each year in Miami, her hometown. When she isn't writing, she procrastinates by singing country and bluegrass, unironically, with friends. Maud edits Her work also appears in and is forthcoming in
Claudio Parentela
art gallery
Claudio is an Italian illustrator, mail artist, and cartoonist. He's very active in the international underground scene and collaborates with many zines, magazines, bands, authors, poets and publishers around the world. His work has recently been exhibited in Italy, Spain, and The Netherlands. You may email Claudio at:
Julie Z. Rosenberg
personal essays
Julie is the copy manager for FORTUNE. What that means is she writes ads and other marketing and promotional stuff for FORTUNE and FORTUNE Small Business magazines. Her previous copywriting experience spans many titles including nearly all of Condé Nast’s monthly glossies, Time, Seventeen, Food & Wine, Garden Design and The New York Times. A freelance writer in her "spare" time, she was a regular contributor for the now defunct ON Magazine (formerly known as Time Digital) and has written for InStyle, hot.dots, The (Newark) Star Ledger and was the lifestyle writer/reporter for, "The Insider Career Network" with a regular column called "Working Girl." She is currently writing a memoir noir, when she’s not procrastinating.
Hannele Rubin
After a bad breakup with an Israeli Tank Commander, Bachelor Girl purchased the entire "Relationships" section at Barnes & Noble. On her way out, she also grabbed a copy of Gabriel Garcia Marquez' 100 Years of Solitude. Bachelor Girl is a 20-year veteran of fixup flops, bad bar pickup lines, great sex with bad men, and failed attempts to see the merits of socially maladjusted -- but marriage-minded -- guys. She's also a freelance journalist.

Rodrigo Sanz
art gallery

Born in Bogata, Columbia, reared in Queens, New York, Rodrigo received a bachelor's degree from the State University of New York at New Paltz and a Master's from Rosary Graduate School of Art in Italy; in 1997 he won a grant from the Queens (NY) Council of the Arts. His resulting one-man show at Queensborough Community College was entitled, "Single Mothers, Their Children and Friends". He is currently working on a book of portraits and writings about single mothers which celebrates their courage and commitment. Rodrigo works as an interpreter for the State Supreme Court in Long Island City and travels extensively when he can. His web site is
Ellen Schecter
Ellen has published 24 books for children with Viking Penguin Putnam, HarperCollins, Scholastic, and Bantam Doubleday Dell. She has written, produced, or developed many multi-award-winning television series for children and families, including The Magic Schoolbus and Reading Rainbow for PBS, Allegra's Window and Pinwheel for Nickleodeon, Out of the Box on the Disney channel, and Ramona (based on the books of Beverly Cleary) for the Canadian Broadcasting System. Her latest film project is RED SUN, an animated feature film, currently in development. She was also Executive Producer of Voices of Lupus and of We're Here! Young Immigrants Tell Their Stories. Schecter is a member of the Writer's Guild, ASCAP, The Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, and PEN. She is featured in Who's Who Among American Women, Who's Who In Entertainment, and Something About The Author.
Paul Wilson
A California native, Paul is an aspiring journalist now living in Syracuse. He graduated from UC Santa Barbara last year and is getting his masters in journalism from Syracuse University. He hopes to head to warmer, dryer pastures -- either south or west – where he’ll continue freelancing and/or working for a daily newspaper.
Helen Zelon
Helen's writing has appeared in The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Family Circle, Brooklyn Bridge and Scientific American: Explorations. A proud booster of her adopted hometown (New York), she is a nonfiction contributor to Totally Brooklyn.
Jonathan Kravetz
Jonathan is a Brooklyn based freelance writer.
Philip Shane
art gallery curator
Philip is a freelance film editor. His programs have appeared on PBS, ABC, Cinemax, Lifetime Television, The Learning Channel, and in theaters and film festivals around the world. He lives in New York with his wife Julie.
Jonathan Toubin
Jonathan Toubin humbly remains all things to all people.
Laura Buchholz
humor editor
Laura is a science editor about town, most recently at the medical website She has studied improv at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, and has collaborated on two short films by Please Stop Stealing My Bike Productions.
Stephanie Hart
children's editor
Stephanie Hart teaches writing at F.I.T. and the Parsons School of Design and is currently the Children's editor at ducts. She has published a young adult novel. Her short stories have appeared in the magazines "Caprice," and "And Then," as well as the anthology, Mondo James Dean, published by St. Martin's Press in 1996. While her fiction and non-fiction has been included in recent issues of ducts, a personal essay appears in the anthology, Self Portraits: Language Learners in a Multicultural World, published in 2000 by Teachers College Press.
Rachelle Meyer
Rachelle is a freelance artist, designer and writer. She often works under the pseudonym Plasmotica Studios to seem worldly and mysterious. She loves bacon.
Jennifer Lauren Pelley
Jennifer is studying cinematography at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.
Charles Salzberg
criticism/reviews editor
Charles is a New York based freelance writer and teacher. He has published a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction books. His writing has appeared in The New York Times Arts & Leisure section, Redbook, New York Magazine, Travel & Leisure and many others. You may contact Charles at
Ryan Van Winkle
poetry editor
Ryan Van Winkle is 23 years old and lives out of a back pack. He has no permanent residence and is a happy freelance writer. He spends as much time naked as humanly possible. E-Mail him at