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Tribute to Spam

Andres Du Bouchet


You can't not afford to please let your privates continue to commit evil!

Greetings Sir or Madam;

My name is Argentio Nkdwumbee of the Elbonesian Penninsula Republic, and it is with the utmost of gravities I put forth this urgent request for help and aid to secure release of my family's fortune. Currently tied up by one Mr. 12 in both mutual bonds and floating savings, these objects can liquidate and are rightfully THE PROPERTY OF THE NKDWUMBEE FAMILY. You do not need to act, but immediate action is required for the distribute of these $450,679,128.92 in funds, per my letter to Mr. 12 on the 4th of August last year 2003. It is in freeze but can be released BY YOUR PIN. These codes were set by the Elbonesian Penninsula Republic Savings and Loan Fiduciary and are non-negotiable due to bank rebellion. These rebellions are in transit and without stability my family's fortune will lose the throne. So please, if you are not satisfied with sexual performances of you or your spouses, an extra 16 INCHES can be achieved non-surgical! These inches can be released BY YOUR PIN. I have arranged for an unmarked badger to burrow beneath the Citibank on 72nd and Madison to retrieve the one rosin bag of love left there by former SAVES ACE GOOSE GOSSAGE. Mr. Goose has graciously and generosity agreed to donate this rosin bag of love to release the inches. For the Nkdwumbee family share, we ask a paltry $50,000,000.00, and the remaining $400,679,128.92 shall be divided per agreement personage in each of the Mr. 12's auspices. THESE AUSPICES ARE NOT BADGER-RELATED! Throbbing inches. Please with time to spare, respond with your PIN to a man who have arranged a hat on the corner of Wendy's Astor Place. These rebellions will, and when the inches are released, liquidate the badger funds for Mr. Gossage. To summary:

1. Mr. 12 as per the June docket, CANNOT release these funds without your PIN.

2. The Nkdwumbee family posseses these, does not release until the rebellions are liquidated per the 16 inches attainable through your PIN.

3. $50,000,000.00 shall be deposited via badger into Mr. Gossage, who 310 saves.

4. Mr. Gossage pays the badger.

5. Slam it, cram it, in Mexico they flan it.

6. Elbonesian Penninsula Republic Savings and Loan Fiduciary folder 8 is liquid for June only and can result in penalty without your PIN.

7. Evil privates throb too, pursuant to badger regulations.

8. $400,679,128.92 to the dispersement arranged by Mr. 12 is also negotiable per non-negotiality. These badgers are documented! My family's throne is documented! I can prove these with your PIN via mpeg porn snippets catalog fruition.

9. You're wondering how long I can write complete and utter nonsense, aren't you?

10. I sure am.

11. An extra 16 inches are serious, and my family documents attest can be met with shock.

12. Please route via your PIN to 001 100 921 1345 9238 999 999 9999 8 BADGER 93.

Your time is sensitive, inches notwithstanding. Badger limits can be extended for one docket only, so instant perusal is through Mr. 12.

As your loyal servile, please with my thanks in advance,

Argentio Nkdwumbee

Elbonesian Penninsula Republic Naval Badger Reserve

P.S. To recap:

My family's inches are releasable via your PIN. Through modest rebellion, these funds can disperse accordingly through badger / Gossage channels through the hat at Wendy's. A share of $$400,679,128.92 awaits the liquidator, with remaining $50,000,000.00 going to my family.


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