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Meet the People Behind the Stories


Michael Alan


Michael has been published in the Chicago Reader, Oasis, Carve, Eyeshot, and CounterPunch. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY. A Quick Study is about the birth of an American CEO.

Rochelle Almeida


A native of Bombay, India, Rochelle Almeida teaches Global Cultures and World Literature at New York University. She is the author of two books of literary criticism: "Originality and Imitation: Indianness in the Novels of Kamala Markandaya" (2000) and "The Politics of Mourning: Grief-Management in Cross-Cultural Fiction" (2005). Her first collection of short stories is currently under publication consideration in New Delhi.

Lucy Baker


Lucy is an Assistant Editor at HarperCollins and a freelance writer. She is a regular contributor to The L Magazine, and columnist for the website reallysmalltalk.com. Lucy has written for McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, The Black Table, The New York Press, and the Village Voice. She also tells stories at The Moth.

Bill Bilodeau


Bill is the editor of a small daily newspaper in New Hampshire. He studied creative writing at Harvard and is currently at work on a novel. He is married... with children.


Sharon Bippus


I recently finished my first novel, Truman and Jerry and am now free to write much shorter pieces. I'm also working on a series of interconnected short stories that might become a second novel. My work has been published in the Del Sol Review, Home and Other Places: Voices of Southwest Michigan, and Riverrun. I live in rural Michigan and teach special education.


Malerie Yolen Cohen


Malerie is a Stamford, CT, based freelance writer. She contributes regularly to several regional magazines and writes a monthly column for the Stamford Advocate.


Brandon Cole


Brandon Cole has written, co-written, produced, or directed five feature films, most recently 13 MOONS, co-written and directed by Alexandre Rockwell, that stars Steve Buscemi, David Proval, Peter Dinklage and Jennifer Beals. His other film credits include MAC and ILLUMINATA, co-written and directed by John Turturro; OK GARAGE, which he wrote and directed, which starred Lili Taylor, John Turturro and Will Patton; and SONS, co-written and directed by Alexandre Rockwell. MAC won the Camera D'Or at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival. OK GARAGE was awarded best screenplay at the 1998 Avignon, France, Film Festival. The Difficult Ones is his second novel.

Jorge Continento


Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Jorge comes from a musical family. His parents, both musicians, introduced their children to music at an early age, in an environment where Jazz and Bossa-Nova were played live or on the stereo all day long. He began working as a professional musician at the age of 15, and has recorded and performed onstage with many of Brazil’s most respected musicians, such as Milton Nascimento, Durval Ferreira, Marisa Monte, Moraes Moreira, Zeca Balero, Edu Lobo, Skank, Marina Machado, Sandra de Sa, and Telo Borges. He has performed at the JVC and Montreux Jazz festivals, the Sfink Festival, and others, and has played shows around the globe, from South America to Japan and in between. In 2000 he put a band together with his brothers, Kiko and Alberto Continentino, keyboardist and bassist respectively, called the ContinenTrio. Together they have played in numerous jazz festivals and recorded two specials for the Rede Minas television network in Brazil. In 2003 they released an album self-entitled ContinenTrio, with all original compositions and arrangements. Later the same year, Jorge recorded his solo album, Jorge Continentino-Portrait, made up of his own compositions, and three by his brother, Alberto. Jorge is also finishing an album with a percussionist and producer from Argentina, Ramiro Musotto, where he plays different kinds of wood flutes, called "Pifanos", a type of flute used in the northeast of Brazil. This album brings together his own compositions and other well known songs like "Asa Branca" and "O Baiao" by Luiz Gonzaga.

In August of 2004 Jorge moved to NYC, and since then he’s been playing in clubs like the Nublu, where he’s been playing every Wednesday since December, 2004 with the group Forro in the Dark, an experimental bamd that mixes the music of the northeast of Brazil with a jazzy approach, that Jorge calls a "Bitches BrewForro". Jorge is currently playing with the singer and composer Bebel Gilberto. He has toured around South America, North America, and has played in prestigious venues, such The Blue Note and Lincoln Center.


Esther Cross


Esther is a Fulbright Scholarship winner. She has published 5 works of fiction and has won numerous awards including the prestigious Argentine Society of Writers award. She has also recently translated short stories by the legendary American author, Richard Yates, into Spanish.

Saara Dutton


Saara’s career in the CIA was thwarted by fear of commissary beef, distaste for bad geopolitical humor and a lack of a valid driver's license. Consequently, instead of wearing a false mustache and whispering code names in the dark alleys of Teheran, she has been writing articles for the likes of Salon, The New York Times, The St. Petersburg Times, Ducts and Bust magazine.


Gail Eisenberg


Gail is a delightful combination of comedy and tragedy. An experienced copywriter, journalist and co-author of A MOTHER LOSS WORKBOOK (HarperCollins), her work has appeared in Time Out New York, The Daily News and Newsday, as well as on-air on Comedy Central and HBO. She has also written copy for theatrical entertainment companies. Most recently, Ms. Eisenberg has engaged in brainstorming concepts for the rebranding of Court TV, Lifetime, and the upcoming Stoli-sponsored documentary, BE REAL, served as an Associate Producer on the defunct VH1 pilot CELEBRITY WEIRDNESS EXPLAINED (Eyeboogie), and contributed copy to ad agency, SJI, for clients HBO, IFC, PBS, CBS, among others. Several moons ago, Gail co-founded a national non-profit which offered support to girls and women who'd lost their mothers at an early age; the same entrepreneurial spirit helped create WE (Williams & Eisenberg), a small business assisting writers and other creative types. A life-long athlete and 45s collector, this neurotically efficient and conservatively psychotic woman insists that she's the poorest person living on Madison Avenue, where she finds respite with her dog, Taxi!.

Millie Ehrlich


Mildred has been writing poetry since she was a child and has published in college literary journals, including Turning House, the journal of Union Theological Seminary, where she works as the Faculty Secretary and International Student Advisor. She has taken fiction and non-fiction workshops at the Writer's Voice of the Westside Y in NYC and attended various writing conferences around the country. She has a Bachelor's degree in Theater and a Master's degree in Teaching ESL. Her website, www.englishforeverything.com, offers online editing services for native and non-native speakers of English. She was the development editor for several popular-level physics books by her brother, Robert Ehrlich, including Nine Crazy Ideas in Science/Some of Which May Even Be True… She has just finished writing a memoir, Beauty through Broken Glass.



Alicia Finn


Alicia lives in Austin, Texas and is pursuing her M.F.A. in Creative Writing at Queen’s University of Charlotte. She is working toward her black belt in taekwondo, so don’t mess with her.



Jennifer H. Fortin


Peace Corps Volunteer Jennifer H. Fortin grew up in Gaithersburg, Md., then went on to Goucher College where she majored in Art and English. Since graduating, the 24-year-old has served the Peace Corps mission in Bulgaria as a primary education volunteer teacher. She writes extensively and has literary and poetic work printed in a number of publications. Jennifer describes the world around her in tactile terms compelling her readers to feel the what she is feeling, to know the bitter cold that her students are feeling; to know the anguish of a people grieving over their great needs; a people heartened by the work of the Peace Corps.



Daniel Gallik


Daniel has had poetry and short stories published by Hawaii Review, A.I.M.(America’s Intercultural Magazine), PARABOLA, NIMROD, LIMESTONE (University of Kentucky), THE HIRAM POETRY REVIEW, AURA (University of Alabama), and WHISKEY ISLAND (Cleveland State University). Daniel’s agent in the last few months has sold the writer’s first novel, A Story Of Dumb Fate. www.deepcleveland.com will be publishing his Linn Poems in the months ahead.



Doug Garr



Doug Garr is a journalist and author of most recently, "IBM Redux: Lou Gerstner and the Business Turnaround of the Decade," a business narrative of a corporate icon under siege. He was a sky diver for 14 years and a D license holder, signifying expert parachutist. The Pucker Factor is excerpted from his memoir, "Between Heaven and Earth."



Richard Goodman


Richard Goodman is the author of French Dirt: The Story of a Garden in the South of France. He has written on a variety of subjects for many national publications, including The New York Times, Creative Nonfiction, Commonweal, Vanity Fair, Garden Design, Grand Tour, The Writer's Chronicle, salon.com, Saveur, Ascent and The Michigan Quarterly Review. He has twice been awarded a fellowship at the MacDowell Colony. In 2003, he was awarded a fellowship at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. He created, wrote and narrated a six-part series about New York City for Public Radio in Virginia. He has taught creative writing in New York City for a number of years where he is associated with the New York Writers Workshop. He presently teaches creative nonfiction at Spalding University's Brief Residency MFA program in Louisville, Kentucky. Recently, he wrote the introduction for Travelers' Tales Provence, and his essay about Paris appears in the collection, The Best Travelers' Tales 2004. His essay, "In Search of the Exact Word," appears in the new Oxford American Writer's Thesaurus from Oxford University Press.



Phyllis Gutterman


Phyllis left the restaurant world years ago to write and perform. Currently, when not writing, she finds herself waiting on tables again.

After eleven years of marriage to Larry Gutterman, she serves up twenty one meals a week (without tips) to her three perpetually growing children. Please don’t tell the EPA , but she admits to using paper and plastic plates.


Kevin Heath


Kevin earned a Ph.D. in creative writing from the University of Cincinnati and now teaches writing at Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio. He’s published in numerous places, including The Chariton Review, the Mars Hill Review, and Tennis magazine. His work has been nominated for both the Pushcart and Best American Essay honors.


Alberta Hendrickson


Alberta Hendrickson is an English major at Western Washington University and plans to graduate fall quarter. Her personal essay ‘Pilgrim’ won second place in the 2004 President’s Writing Awards at Boise State University. Alberta is twenty-nine years old. She wants to be a writer when she grows up.


Xuan Tuan Anh Ho


Xuan Tuan Anh Ho, known as Su, is a native of Vietnam. "The Manager of Byproduct Processing Factory or Factory Number 10" draws on his family history as well as the history of his country before, during, and after The American War. Su is a junior at Webster University in Cha'am, Thailand. This is his first published story.


Richard Kostelanetz


Richard appear in Contemporary Poets, Contemporary Novelists, Postmodern Fiction, Baker’s Biographical Dictionary of Musicians, A Reader’s Guide to Twentieth-Century Writers, the Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia of Literature , Webster’s Dictionary of American Authors , The HarperCollins Reader’s Encyclopedia of American Literature, NNDB.com, and the Encyclopedia Britannica , among other distinguished directories. Living in New York, where he was born, he still needs two bucks to take a subway.


Jennifer Lang


Jennifer finally understood how to form grammatically correct sentences in her English tongue while living abroad after college. And for the first time, she realized she actually enjoyed writing. Upon returning to her native San Francisco Bay Area in the mid-90s, she began freelancing for BabyCenter and other online publications. From there, she launched into paper, writing for Parenting, Parents, American Baby, BabyTalk, Scholastic, Real Simple and Safeway Select magazines. Her friends and family have been urging her for years to write down her stories. And so she is trying.


Terri Light


Terri Light is a graphic designer and volunteer urban gardener amid the glorious ruins of Detroit. Transplanted to the Motor City from Virginia, she works and teaches at the private school portrayed in "The Virgin Suicides." Her poetry appears in current or forthcoming editions of "Eclectica," "horse less review" and "The Hiss Quarterly."

Kecia Lynn


Kecia is a native of Cleveland, and has been writing stories since she was 9 years old. However, she spent most of her adult career in Chicago making a living as a writer of software manuals and other business materials. She’s been told that technical writing kills your fiction writing skills, but she’s hoping that's not entirely true, seeing as she just picked up and moved 200 miles away to attend the Iowa Writers' Workshop at an age when many of her peers are spending their downtime serving as their kids' chauffeurs and worrying about their IRAs.

"Commuting" is a story based on a real event (although definitely a work of fiction) involving erotic encounters across races. (There's no nudity or orgasms in this piece.)


Valeri MacEwan


Valerie is the editor/publisher of the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature She studied creative writing in Holland at the Ploughshares International Fiction Writing Seminar, received a grant from the NC Arts Council to fund the original print issue of The Dead Mule, and is an outspoken advocate of Linux and open source software Her writing has appeared in numerous places like the Mississippi Review, Tattoo Highway, The Asheville Poetry Review, Night Train Magazine and others. She spent 3 years as the Books Editor for Popmatters Magazine of Global Culture and was also a columnist there. MacEwan helped to incorporate WebDelSol as a non-profit organization and was instrumental in the founding of the wow-schools.net project. Along with their neighbor Lloyd, she and her husband humanely trap town-dwelling possums and return them to the wild. Not out of an environmental concerns but because Lloyd's got 2 Schnauzers and the MacEwan's have 3 Jack Russell Terriers and a Scottie and the bark-fest brought about by possum incursion is unbearable at 3 A.M. Her novel, Dancing with Uncle Virgil, has been in the "edit stage" for almost 7 years. Her blog, Mental Kudzu, is located at macewan.net.


Benjamin Malcolm


Benjamin Malcolm works both as a freelance writer and teacher in Northern Thailand. A native of the larger Boston area, he worked for several years in Washington, D.C. before he returned screaming to his Peace Corps roots in Asia. He currently lives peacefully with his wife Supalak in the northernmost province of Chiang Rai.


Dirk Markham


Dirk has been making pyscho-acoustic sculptures since 1998. He draws inspiration more from modern continental philosophy rather than pop bands. For Dirk, music is a transcendental experience which can give a unique insight into being-in-itself as well as the metaphysical beyond. By day he works for two record labels in Berlin - Monika Enterprise and Gigolo. By night he experiments with soundscapes, constantly trying to create something which challenges the understanding. Aliases/other projects: D-Rock, The Hemulen, Disk, Markham/Cheney & Gorman, CIA Post-Listening



Kia Neill

art gallery

Recently completing her MFA from the University of California, San Diego, Kia has relocated to Los Angeles, CA to pursue a career in fine art, and whatever else her many talents provide for her. Though, she considers herself primarily a sculptor, Kia varies media. Lately Kia has been making loop animations such as her most recent "Taxidermy Bee Bop", which features the taxidermy foam forms of raccoons, squirrels, lions, bears and giraffes as they are choreographed to break dance.

Suzanne Nielson


Suzanne, a native of St. Paul, Minnesota, teaches writing at Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) and at Metropolitan State University. Her poetry, fiction and essays have been published in various literary journals nationally and internationally; most recently her work has appeared in The Comstock Review, Mid-America Poetry Review, The Pedestal, Pindeldyboz and 580 Split. Upcoming work will appear in Banyan Review, R-KV-R-Y, Lodestar Quarterly and Gin Bender Poetry Review. So'ham Books will publish her collection of poetry titled "East of the River," in October 2005. She received a BA in Writing from Metropolitan State University, and a MALS degree with an emphasis in writing from Hamline University where she is currently completing her doctorate work in Education.



Jake Novak


Jake Novak is a comedy writer whose work appears regularly in Newsday
and in The Jewish Week. He also supplies daily topical humor for more
than 100 radio stations across the world. Jake is also the producer of
CNN's "In the Money" with Jack Cafferty, which airs on Saturday and
Sunday afternoons.

Heather Aimee O'Neill



Heather’s work has appeared or is forthcoming in Many Mountains Moving, Spinning Jenny and The Bostonia. She received her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College, and is co-director of the Speakeasy Poetry Reading Series at The Bitter End in New York City. She teaches creative writing and literature at SUNY Purchase College.

Alicia Martinez Pardies


Alicia is a respected journalist in Buenos Aires. She has worked in Italy, Mexico and Cuba. Her notes covering some important cultural aspects made her receive the first award for cultural press given by the Italian Embassy and the Corriere della Sera in Buenos Aires. Nowadays she works as the representative of the Ansa Agency in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



Helen Rafferty


Brooklyn born and bred, Helen Rafferty now resides in beautiful Mamaroneck, New York with her husband and three daughters. Her short stories have appeared in journals such as Lynx Eye, Sanskrit and Studio One. Helen’s essays chronicle the heinous crimes of her youth and her subsequent cruel banishment to the suburbs. This ability to see high drama in the most mundane circumstances has led to a reporting job for her local newspaper.

Cornelia Ravenal



Cornelia has worked as a writer for theater, film, broadcast and print. Her articles and photographs have appeared in magazines and newspapers in Asia and North America, with over 60 published pieces on art, education, business, spirituality, film and Asian cultures. Her first independent documentary, FIVE FEELINGS ABOUT FOOD (2005) (http://www.fivefeelings.com) , made in collaboration with her husband, Mikael Södersten, is currently on the festival circuit and has won several awards. Her original screenplay, THE OTHER WOMAN (2006) (http://www.theotherwoman2006.com) is scheduled for production in January. She has a BA in English Literature from Harvard University.

Shelly R. Rich


Shelly likes to make things up and mix them with truth. Some of her delusions are found or forthcoming in print publications such as Opium Magazine, The Binnacle, and Duck and Herring's Pocket Field Guide as well as online at elimae, Eyeshot, VerbSap, Heavy Glow, and The Hiss Quarterly.

Terrence Ross


Terrence is an award winning filmmaker and published novelist, who currently teaches at Adelphi University.



Sunsh Stein


Sunsh lives in New York City, but has one foot out the door. She's a freelance writer with a master's degree in journalism and a day job as a patient advocate. She was recently called an "advanced hippie."



Alix Strauss


Alix has been a featured lifestyle trend writer on national morning and talk shows including ABC, CBS, CNN and most recently, VH1. Her articles cover a range of topics, from beauty and food trends to celebrity interviews, appearing in an array of publications such as: The New York Times, The New York Post, Time Magazine, Town & Country Travel, and Self, among others. Her collection of shorts, THE JOY OF FUNERALS, was published by St. Martin's Press in both hard and soft cover. The Joy of Funerals will be heading to the big screen with Stockard Channing attached to direct. Alix will write the screenplay as well. Currently, she is working on a novel.



Nicole Tucker


Nicole is masquerading as a Ph.D student in Indiana, not the state, but the small city or town or village in Pennsylvania. She hopes to stay focused enough to write a dissertation (any suggestions?), conquer the LSAT (170), get into law school, and--her ambition since high school--marry well (available for dates with eligible bachelors).



Anca Vlasopolos


No Return Address: A Memoir of Displacement (Columbia University Press, 2000), awarded the YMCA Writer’s Voice Grant for Creative Non-Fiction in 2001, the Wayne State University Board of Governors Award and the Arts Achievement Award in 2002; a poetry collection entitled Through the Straits, at Large; a chapbook of poetry entitled The Evidence of Spring; and a detective novel entitled Missing Members; as well as short stories and over two hundred poems in literary magazines such as Porcupine, Typo, Perigee, Poetry International, Branches Quarterly, Barrow Street, Adagio, Avatar, New Works, Terrain, Bathyspheric Review, Nidus, Full Circle Journal, Short Story, Natural Bridge, Center, Evansville Review, Santa Barbara Review, River Styx, Spoon River Poetry Quarterly, Weber Review, etc.; The Poetry Harmonium, music and poetry compact disk collaboration with composer Christian Kreipke and poets Carol Carpenter and Suzanne Scarfone. "Frailty, Thy Name" is an antidote to My Big Fat Greek Wedding, a late teen's growing awareness of flawed humanity.



Richard Willis


Richard grew up on a farm near Marengo, Iowa. He is both an actor and a teacher. After receiving his Ph.D. at Northwestern University, he taught and directed there for three years, and later at Lewis & Clark College where he was chairman of the Department of Theatre. He has been active as a member of Actor's Equity, the Screen Actor's Guild, and the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists for over twenty years. He is published in New Author's Journal, Words of Wisdom, Red Wheelbarrow, Phantasmagoria, and Iconoclast. He and his wife, Linda Barry, live in New York City



Amy E. Wirtz


Amy is currently residing in Baltimore MD, moonlighting as a charm school mistress and an aspiring writer. She has been published on Mcsweeneys.net and with Comrades Press. Her very favorite activities include avocados and off-shore betting and the occasional use of concertinas as props.



Kimberly Whitam


Kimberly was born and raised in rural Rhode Island. She earned a Bachelors Degree in Art History and Women's Studies from Duke University in 1992 and a Master of Fine Arts Degree in Photography from the University of Massachusetts in 2003. During the intervening years she worked alternately as a waitress, bartender, housekeeper, gardener, caretaker, teacher and photographer. Kimberly currently teaches Photography at Parsons School of Design and the Fashion Institute of Technology. She resides in Brookyn, New York with her boyfriend and two well-behaved dogs.

Helen Zelon


Helen's writing has appeared in The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Family Circle, Brooklyn Bridge and Scientific American: Explorations. A proud booster of her adopted hometown (New York), she is a nonfiction contributor to Totally Brooklyn.



Aaron Zimmerman

art gallery

A native of West Virginia, Aaron is a 3 year-old multimedia artist now based in New York City. He shows with Jersey City, New Jersey's Gallery 58. He is active with the art collectives Die Kase Hause (diekasehause.com) and The Poo Syndicate (thepoosyndicate.com). He also writes and illustrates for various publications and websites including crowndozen.com, Zoo Magazine, and bitchingandmoaning.org.







Jonathan is best known for his ability to scratch his forehead and squint his eyes simultaneously.   He is a writer, editor and some time trumpet player who spends too much time reading long feature stories on the world wide web. He is a co-founder of ducts and founder of the New York based reading series, Trumpet Fiction, held each month at KGB Bar in the east village.   He has studied writing with a number of teachers in New York, including Alice Eliot Dark (fiction), the late Fred Hudson (screenwriting) and Alison Estes (children's fiction) and has held a number of odd jobs, including news reporter, taxi cab driver, projectionist and ducts installer (hmmmm).   He currently works as a computer consultant.   He has recently taken up improv comedy classes with the Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater of NYC as a way to discover finer and more glorious ways of embarrassing himself on a weekly basis.   You can contact him at editor@ducts.org.



Philip is a freelance film editor and co-founder of ducts . His programs have appeared on PBS, ABC, Cinemax, Lifetime Television, The Learning Channel, and in theaters and film festivals around the world.   He lives in New York with his wife Julie.



humor editor &

Dan trained in improvisation at The Upright Citizen's Brigade Theater. He also trained as a "normal" actor, but you've probably never seen any plays he's been in. He's a regular contributor to Jest Magazine, and his sketches have been performed on the public radio program, Rewind, and NPR's Morning Edition (speaking of public radio, he also interned at WNYC's The Leonard Lopate Show, where he prepared interview notes for Mr. Lopate). Dan currently writes for, and performs in, the Juvie Hall shows "Sara Schaefer is Obsessed With You," and "Saturday Night Rewritten," where he is a regular fixture at the anchor desk. Although unemployed in the traditional sense, he has countless temp jobs to his credit, and has the bank account to prove it. He lives in Brooklyn with his patient wife and a small impatient cat.




Anne, although a fine treasurer, is much more renowned for her songwriting, which reaches back to capture the classic brilliance of favorite hits by Carole King and Laura Nyro. She blurs the lines between jazz, country, rock and R&B, weaving melody and rhythm together in masterful ways. Her rich alto voice leads listeners from one genre to another as she explores the struggles, loves, fears and joys of everyday heroes. When she's not writing great music, Anne is busy crunching numbers for ducts! Anne's new CD "Find Me " is now available and can be found at www.annemironchik.com.



Cindy Moore

art gallery editor

art gallery

Cindy Moore is a Brooklyn-based encaustic painter and recovering aquaphile. Her recent work on paper can be seen at Streits Flat Files in the Lower East Side. Current exhibitions include Girl Art Now (RI,) Dress-(Re)dress (CA,) and Connections (NJ.) Cindy works in art administration in midtown and teaches at the College of New Rochelle, The Creative Center for People with Cancer, The Craft Students League and Artworks in Trenton.

Kara Murray


Kara hails from Newton, Mass. but currently makes her home in Brooklyn. When not looking for ways to promote the brilliance of ducts, she can be found verifying the factual accuracy of children's nonfiction books - unless it's the weekend, then she does other things.

Jenah Pelley


Jenah is a New York based actress and director. Most recently Jenah has worked with Italian director and actor Dario D'ambrosi in his New York feature production of the Pathology of Christ and is preparing to shoot Sospeso artistic director and composer Joshua Cody's first feature film The Standard Man in January. Apart from acting Jenah is the founder of Jelape Film.


essays, criticism and reviews editor

Charles is a New York based freelance writer and teacher. He has published a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction books. His writing has appeared in the New York Times Arts & Leisure section, Redbook, New York Magazine, Travel & Leisure and many others.


Tim Tomlinson

fiction editor

Tim's fiction has appeared in The Missouri Review, North American Review, Libido, and elsewhere. He's published haiku in Modern Haiku, Time Haiku, and Black Bough. He's an occasional journalist, and a full time teacher, working at both NYU and the New York Writers Workshop.



Ryan Van Winkle

poetry editor

Ryan is 24 years old and lives out of a backpack. He has no permanent residence and is a happy freelance writer. He spends as much time naked as humanly possible. E-Mail him at ryan@smaxx.com.


Sarah Graham


Sarah Graham is a freelance web site producer who specializes in making sites for journalists and writers.