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Lost Portraits from the Lower East Side
Constantine Limperis


All Jazzed Up

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These portraits were either photographed by myself or found in the back of some store on the Lower East Side tossed and forgotten. Others were actual pictures of my family. They were then drawn on, painted on, layered and mixed up with found objects, metal, and string. Most of these pictures are of New Yorkers, many long gone, and others quite alive, who are neighbors and friends. There's something here about memory and time. I don't know. I had hung the show in a downtown New York Gallery a few days before 9/11 and almost immediately had to close for a week when the tragedy hit. After a while, they re-opened downtown and the curious by came little by little. I sat in the gallery for a few days then and many of the people that came by just hung around and talked.

see more of Constantine's artwork on his website, www.offriver.com.
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