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Ducts Book: How Not to greet famous people
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Jonathan Kravetz

While we were eating our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, sitting around watching the last episode of "Everybody Loves Raymond," passing around the onion dip and crackers, something happened. Suddenly, Ducts.org was inundated with submissions. We are now receiving as many as 10 every week and from people all around the country (and, on occasion, from around the world). We're not quite sure how this happened, although we suspect you had a lot to do with it....

Highlights from This Issue

Memoir: Helen Zelon
"The Moments Between Rudolf Natter"
Part IV: Awakening


Column: Jennifer H. Fortin
"Letters from Bulgaria"
Sounds Like

+ Fiction: Brandon Cole
"The Difficult Ones"
A Novel: Chapters 1 - 5

Art Gallery: Subverting the Saccharine
"The Art of Cindy Craig, Chris Doyle, Michelle Provenzano and Cherry Hood"
Curated by Cindy Moore

Gigs, Girls, Guitars by Paul Data • My Son the Catcher by Julia Hays Klebanow • Skokie Spleen by George Sparling • Committed by Sara Day
Beauty through Broken Glass by Millie Ehrlich • The House of Bargains by Sandra Chamson • Reality -- What a Concept by Sunsh Stein • You'll Eat a Peck of Dirt by Richard Willis
>> More
Is There Any Movement by T. Glen Coughlin • The Saint by Pirooz M. Kalayeh • Popsicle Stick on Floor by Lisa Feber • Fishing by James Goar • Size 12 EEE by Lisa Kanae • A Strange Feeling? by Diane Payne >> More
Art Gallery
Subverting the SaccharineA Meditation on the Subtle Peace of John Jodzio's DrawingsThe Matzo Files3D Samurai Anagylphs
Imagining the Death of my Father on the Pascagoula River by Benjamin Morris • The Body by Corey Mesler >> More
Ducts Stage
The Acoustic Songwriting of Kirsten Williams by Kirsten Williams • Call To Player by Andrew Mattina
Intellectual Vacuum by Mark Goldblatt • High Flying Space Traveling Futuristic Hipsters by Mike Golden
So here's the thing... by Bill Bilodeau • From the Land of Smiles by Benjamin Malcolm • Domestic Disturbances by Helen Rafferty • Letters from Bulgaria by Jennifer H. Fortin
Adventures in Canada by Ray Van Ryckeghem • Class Trip by Jerry Farrell • Devon for Pope in '06 by Devon T. Coleman • In the Customer's Hands by Lisa Linn Kanae • Previously Published in by Dan McCoy • An E-mail That Received No Response by Ritch Duncan
Best of Ducts
Fear of Frying by Tamara Shnobu Loomis • First Things Last by Martine J. Byer • The Streaker by Ryan Van Winkle