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Greenpoint Press is proud to announce its new book:

The Sentence: A Family's Prison Memoir
by Gene Kraig

In this true account of an ordinary suburban family, Kraig chronicles the years leading up to and through her husband's incarceration, including the devastating consequences for her family.

$15 plus $2 shipping and handling. To order and for more information, click here.


Issue 16's Editor's Note
Highlights from This Issue

Essay: Alicia Finn
The Stupid Things You Do


Essay: Nicole Tucker
Maybe It's Just My Memories


Memoir: Richard Goodman
The Bicycle Diaries
He explores NYC in the arftermath of 9/11.

+ Fiction: Brandon Cole
"The Difficult Ones"
A Novel: Chapters 6- 13

Art Gallery: Sharilyn Neidhardt
"The Williamsburg Paintings"

Visiting Day by Jennifer Lang • Roof by Kevin Heath • Maybe It's Just My Memories by Nicole Tucker • CIA Reject by Saara Dutton • Getting Me Wrong by Richard Kostelanetz • Jenny by Lucy Baker • Romance at the Cheese Cellar by Phyllis Gutterman • Dissonance by Alberta Hendrickson • The Stupid Things You Do When Your Mom's Not Around by Alicia Finn • A Life, Developed by Malerie Yolen-Cohen
Beauty through Broken Glass by Millie Ehrlich • The Bicycle Diaries by Richard Goodman • Reality -- What a Concept by Sunsh Stein • You'll Eat a Peck of Dirt by Richard Willis
>> More
A Burning Desire by Alix Strauss • A Quick Study by Michael Alan • Pleasant as Pie by Valerie MacEwan • Restless Feet by Suzanne Nielsen • >> More
Art Gallery
Oh Give Me a HomeWorks for Neither Here nor ThereFive Words with Ian MacKaye and Ivan WitensteinThe Williamsburg Paintings
Restoration by Heather O'Neill • tell me you had bad dreams last night by Amy Wirtz • He Concluded Without Being Cupid by Dan Gallik >> More
Ducts Stage
I Hate Myself, I'm a Genius, I Ruin Everything, I'm So Lonely Psycho Acoustic Sculptres
So here's the thing... by Bill Bilodeau • From the Land of Smiles by Benjamin Malcolm • Domestic Disturbances by Helen Rafferty • Letters from Bulgaria by Jennifer H. Fortin
Bald is Beautifulesque by Jake Novak • A Tribute to Spam by Andres Du Bouchet • Movin' Out: The Rough Draft by Rob Bates • Class Notes by Dan McCoy
Mom in the Mirror by Gail Eisenberg
Best of Ducts
The Clock on the Wall by Mindy Greenstein • Tongues and Taxis by Mike Overbeck • 30 by Margaret Hundley Parker