Too Close Art
You repeat expressions again and again until they’re as comfortable as an old pair of shoes.

Architectural swirl
An “anal prolapse” is an accurate metaphor for how I have generally felt about these pets.

Self Portrait of an Artist by Tierney Malone. Tempera on paper, 24"x36", 2011.
Self Portrait of an Artist
Greg and Marcia run against each other for class president and Marcia accuses Greg of spreading fake news.

I was dealing with the misery of PMS at the time: bloating, spotting, cramps, and an insatiable appetite wit

I’ll watch anything with a Real Housewife in it. I say this with no pride and little understanding. I have no preferences.

She Clyde
Every dog must have his day and every pup his pedigree.

Every dog must have its day, and every pup its pedigree.