Jamie Shombert photo
About the art selections for this issue's 5 feature pieces.

Northern Broken Dash
About the art selections for this issue's 5 feature pieces.

Ducts welcomes Peter Ahn, guest arts editor, to our Winter 2018 issue--see his photographs in our 5 feature pieces.

Tierney Malone
With this interview, Ducts welcomes Tierney Malone, guest arts editor. For 5 pieces in this issue, Tierney curated selections from his own visual art as well as a "playlist" of jazz music.

We are making order out of chaos by being diligent, dedicated, and open to sharing with each other. We are both “piecing” and “peacing” communities back together.

“The work of our lives will never be done, but it will end.”

California artist Schneider critiques values and the art world in his pointed works

An artist muses on the "mystery, darkness, and function" of basements in his work.

"...I use letters and the random arrangement of letters to allow for more and more possibilities."

Jacqueline Bishop: Earl there seems to be one painting following another in the past few years. What accounts for this new surge of creativity? Earl McKenzie: I took early retirement for two main reasons. First, I wanted to be able to take better care of my health. Second, I wanted time to see what kind of artist, writer and philosopher I could become if I devoted more time to these activities.