Photograph by Peter Ahn

Photograph by guest arts editor, Peter Ahn. 
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Blue Angel of Unctuous Balm


It’s true that I got my first period at the Freud museum

It’s terrifying to remember snippets of my young girlhood

I bled before    I bled wow


Men like Sartre say things like

Existence precedes essence

But   like

What if you want one and not the other


I mean

I’m not religious


I mean

It’s not like I don’t know

what to do

If it gets really bad I’ll just take more

little blue pills

Blue like the night and embroidered velvet

Blue like velvet and the early morning

Wow I’m high /

Etc etc /

Whatever don’t @ me



*  *  *



Untitled 11/11/17


in a dusty city

all of my female and

female identifying ancestors

gulp down dirty martinis



i fear 2 things: death and

my nuvaring



i wouldnt really know how to

rear a babe

his tiny lips faltering



little motherfucker

doesnt know how to drink down

the nouveau-nouveau-riche



at last year’s Kentucky Derby

i mixed all my desires into a

mint julep



now my son rides Horses

now my son wins Big Money



*  *  *



3 Hail Marys I’m Gay


there is no such thing as a

perfect hole.

for a long time i could

only get off to gay

porn but

i have a lot of penance

to do before i am


when i was a teen

i loved that Gregg Araki flick

about aliens and

this little gay boy and

The Sheriff


especially liked the

statutory rape scene

with the

Lucky Charms spilled all

over the floor it

‘s a smart shot.


am drooling i

am leaking

from every



spit and

some female




about you

in the

hot tub

at the


and let

me just


O man

O god

O mary

The “O” that Dana ward

Writes about ,

the Bionian O


i renounce

the arrogance

of solid

ground at

the end of

the day our

recalcitrance is

stupid look /

What / You’ve /




*  *  *



fuck everyone who is not a stuffed animal


yes she is very cool yes she feels as soft as a baby lamb…

man everyone i’ve dated has been such a stupid disappointment…

we’re all gonna die so you can stick your greasy finger into as many dumb pies as you want…



About the Author

Coco is a writer and artist living in Brooklyn with her stuffed animals. She is the author of “say it with flowers” (inpatient press).