Our essays editor, Derek Alger, passed away in late October.  As a tribute we are re-posting all of his contributions to Ducts over the years.  We hope you’ll enjoy his passion for writing and, more importantly, his love of people, as much as we have.  We will miss him.

For more on Derek, please read  The Editor’s Note.


Considering the Alternative, Issue 27, Summer 2011, ESSAYS


Starting Again, Issue 20, Winter 2008, FICTION


A Debt Owed to Christopher Hitchens, Issue 30, Winter 2013, ESSAYS


Somewhere Out Under There, Issue 26, Winter 2011, FICTION


Snoring, Issue 18, Winter 2007, FICTION


Support Can Be Beautiful, Issue 18, Winter 2007, FICTION


Unexpected Machinations of Everyday Life, Issue 31, Summer 2013, ESSAYS


A Quiet Act of Strength, Issue 28, 2012, ESSAYS