This past spring, we launched a plucky little campaign on called Connect the Ducts. The goal–to update Ducts‘ website from its early 2000’s incarnation to the modern, mobile phone-savvy era. And with the help of you, our readers and supporters, we did it!


Every dollar and every ounce of pitching in counts–especially for small magazines and presses. We want you to know how much we appreciate everyone who participated in every way, shape, or form–from helping make campaign videos and donating perks for the fundraiser, to providing technical advice and feedback on design and content. Online platforms come and go, but communities last forever–it’s your input and vitality as readers and contributors that have kept Ducts alive since 1999 and that will allow us to continue publishing authors for many issues to come. We have published a full list of those of you to whom we are indebted on our home page–and you may also click here to read.


Finally, here’s a brief highlight of the updates to that we hope you will enjoy:

  • A new logo! (Ain’t it purty?)
  • Responsive design (aka, you can now read us on your iPhone)
  • Share buttons (Welcome to social media, Ducts!)
  • Easier search and browsing functions to help you find the content you most want to read
  • And much more!


Still to come is an upgraded “Support Us” page that will allow you, our community, to continue helping Ducts expand its publication and other goals.


Thanks again for your generous support,


The Ducts Editorial Team




About the Author

Ducts is a free, community-supported magazine published at We produce two issues a year, in December and June. Founded in 1999, we’re proud of our decade-plus history in the world of online literary journals, and of our free, New York City reading series Trumpet Fiction. Read more about us or subscribe for free to receive new issue alerts.