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20th anniversary issue of Ducts

Featuring Scott Dominic Carpenter, Joanna Clymer, Vivian Lawry, Marlene Molinoff, Vijay R. Nathan, Dorri Olds, and Barbara L. Trommer.
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20th anniversary issue of Ducts

About Ducts

Ducts is a free, community-supported magazine that was published at at least twice a year from 1999 to 2019. It sponsored the New York City reading series Trumpet Fiction over the same time period. The magazine is no longer in production, but you may peruse our back issues by visiting the Issues page. For general questions, e-mail
Miserable Company Art
There was no hope of a call from her husband now—not in the middle of the night—and she sure as hell wouldn’t call him on her birthday. She continued trolling Facebook.
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Sometime between my birth and the present
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Frederic Art
Every day, when he walked in, my mood lifted.
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Art Gallery
Jamie Shombert photo
About the art selections for this issue's 5 feature pieces.
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Why, I have so often wondered, am I unable to let my bed be just a bed?
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Too Close Art
You repeat expressions again and again until they’re as comfortable as an old pair of shoes.
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