Table of Contents
‘Wall\Therapy: Just What The Doctor Ordered’
...more artists, more murals, and a healthy dose of inspiration....
‘Blue Glow: Karla Siegel’s Recent Paintings’
..light saturates and obscures these fluidly painted images...
‘Northern Collaborations: Laura Piasta and Johan Björck’
...objects point to how we investigate both our technological and natural surroundings...
For sale: bird cage, slightly used
Look at this as a sign...
Letter to my Two Year-Old Nephew about Rancid
The lesson here is to not believe states exist until you’ve been there.
Terror On Bravo
It’s like watching a slightly catty aquarium
Three Poems
Share:FacebookTwitterLinkedinTumblrPrint Shootout at Depression Gulch The clock hesitates. The black blind draws down. If you feel like you’re sinking, you are sinking. When the furnace clicked on, I ran to the vent like a mouse to the trap. The gray sky so thick, so thick, so…. Remember when they used to care what you thought?
Two Poems
Share:FacebookTwitterLinkedinTumblrPrintHell’s Canyon Our helmsman steers us through the river gorge. “It’s quiet,” he tells Terry and me as we chew huckleberry taffy, our “welcome to Idaho” gift, though I can’t say what state we’re in right now or if we’re on the Snake or the Clearwater. Both waterways once taxied timber to the mills.
Why I held on to my marbles
Share:FacebookTwitterLinkedinTumblrPrint 1. Because they were religious, useless, fragile and fearless. 2. Because they circled the world, and took the form of my summer dreams. 3. Because whoever invented marbles must have believed angels were round. 4. Because the chipped ones were more beautiful. 5. Because the distance of their journeys was an exact equation of space and time.
Three Poems
Share:FacebookTwitterLinkedinTumblrPrintNo Garden In straw, a fire-web of light, drawn sinews of halt and stretch, and I bury my wrists, move my eyes in dry scratches of toughened fiber smiles. The dead hover in the hallows, owls statuesque in hazy attention. You are the child lit at dawn, sighing, engulfed steadfast in your raised eyebrow full of milk and heavy grains.
Small-town Boy: Twelve
Excerpted from his forthcoming memoir, "Bad Kid"
Swimming One Day
...and soon thereafter become a movie star.
I Can’t Stay Still
“It’s $800 all expenses paid.”
Gone Missing
I let the phone clatter on the wooden step...
A Debt Owed to Christopher Hitchens
...time in Mortality...
Cigarettes and Elnett hairspray
Playing Ball
“I guess we’ll see what this Brett kid is made of"
The Ecstasy of Downward Mobility
...rejecting the thick, rich insulation afforded by my parents’ luxury apartment.
Residual Color Molecules beyond Anita
From the Heat-Land
...the scorched land belongs to all of us.
Screaming From Inside the Sealed Vault
Bad, bad Greece
...we seemed to lose at least a couple of people every day.
Watching the hard earth blaze, I could almost miss Ray.
Bog Standard
...why are you asking me?
Acid, Wine & Regina Spektor
Splitting the rent three ways would help me...
Transgressive Hypnotic Redemptive
He would declaim Artaud and Blake.
Four Stories
...the gigantic Author said, twitching...
A Beating
We skip a few blinks.