Table of Contents
Somewhere Out Under There
"We’re going to make it a real family place..."
Alaliaic Dialogue
"...useless lifeless hand..."
“It’s the final straw,” his wife said.
A Baby Anyway
...the one who caused the ache...
The Baywatch Hippies
"On the road again, they let the hitchhiker drive..."
Three Micros
The hoax went off smoothly
An Interview with Rafael Sanchez
Share:FacebookTwitterLinkedinTumblrPrint On November 8, 2010, Peter Dobill met up with Rafael Sanchez to discuss his performance work while enjoying a meal at Dojo Restaurant in New York City. PETER:  What is your background coming into performance art and how did you start out? RAFAEL: I started doing make shift performances in high school around, 16 or 17.
Anti-monument: Laura Keeble’s Street Sculpture
Share:FacebookTwitterLinkedinTumblrPrint Mischievious and playful, Laura Keeble’s sculpture broaches political topics in a conversational way – wittily interrupting the monologue of everyday life.  The London-based artist creates unsanctioned public art that is surreptitiously dropped into high profile locations.  Working against traditional ideas of monumentality, Keeble’s impromptu street installations are uncertain and fleeting- questioning the presumed permanence (and authority) of sculpture.
On Giving Her a Japanese Garden Tool for Valentine’s Day
It might require a more sophisticated race then our own to point out that a finely made gardening tool can be romantic...
Plus One
Nola had always wanted a girl.
Letters to The Knuckler
Not sure if you received my last update...
Pennsylvania Folk Art
Rediscover the undiscovered works of Job Johnson.
A fly
These things happen...
"Kindergarten was hell, both mentally and physically."
Shall They Know Thee?
"Men came in uniforms and one of them played “Taps”..."
Kid Without a Jacket
"Our house was always a mess."
Reality – What a Concept
And Baby Makes Five
A Harlem Education
Part I
Boy Mom
"...the time by burping the alphabet from A to Z."
"People had been disappearing from the office for months..."
Finding Fathers
"...the story of my father kicked up like a breeze..."
Sometimes Holland Sucks
"Suddenly you are struggling with a new language, new country, with a sweet, kind, vulnerable baby in your arms..."
Election ’94
Share:FacebookTwitterLinkedinTumblrPrint Editor’s Note: This poem originally appeared in The Animal Eye, a small, independent magazine of literature and political commentary published in Cincinnati in the 1990s. It is archived online at Table of Contents
Four Poems
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