Welcome to the 41st issue of Ducts!

The personal narratives in this issue cover a wide range of territory. Irix Anixter, Sarah Doudna, and Matthue Roth contributed pieces that could form a Venn diagram of mother-child relationships and the resulting impact on the lives and career aspirations of modern women. CJ Giroux and Norman T. Leonard, respectively, zero in on the power of place and the rollercoaster ramifications of living with depression. Finally, Benjamin Harnett gives us a tale of a woman navigating sexual harrassment in, of all places, a museum archive, while exploring the power of new technology to capture her desires. As always, each narrative offers a powerful and unique voice. 
In addition to thanking our dedicated editors Voichita Nachescu and Julie Wilkerson, I would personally like to thank my husband, Colin Grubel, for his contributions to this issue. He helped me greatly with sorting through submissions when I stepped in at the proverbial last minute to serve as interim memoirs and poetry editor. I was also happy that we could extend our collaboration in the form of his serving as guest arts editor for this issue, to which he lent his photographs to accompany the five feature pieces. You can read more about his art selections here
Finally, many thanks to the Community of Literary Magazines and Presses (clmp), for their support of this issue in the form of a New York Technical Assistance Program regrant provided by the New York State Council on the Arts.


Mary Cool, Editor in Chief



Mary Cool
Editor in Chief,
Interim Memoirs & Poetry Editor


Voichita Nachescu
Essays Editor


Julie Wilkerson
Fiction Editor


Colin Grubel
Guest Arts Editor



Table of Contents
Watch Summer 2018 Ducts Issue Launch
Featuring work by Iris Anixter, Sara Doudna, Norman T. Leonard, and Matthue Roth
Medusa Heads to Red-Tailed Hawks
About the art selections for this issue's 5 feature pieces.
Spider Woman
"Fine." It’s like saying “beige.” Am I molten purple? Ashen red? Storm cloud black tinged with emerald sadness?
How to Be a Good Mother
Remember: this won’t last forever. And it doesn’t. Just four years.
On Ojibway Island and other poems
Leaving this island, where the Sauks are no more . . .
Bunny Rabbits, Kindergarteners, Epiphanies & Other Depressing Things
An “anal prolapse” is an accurate metaphor for how I have generally felt about these pets.
Day Job
She was entering a war zone; and, of all her battles today, this one was her own.
Trumpet Fiction kicks off 20th season!
An evening of historical fiction, nonfiction, and poetry: Dawn Leas, Deirdre Sinnott, Barbara J. Taylor, Theasa Tuohy. Saturday, October 13, 7-9 pm
Nov Trumpet Fiction: SF & Fantasy
Hosted by D Ferrara: Sat, Nov 10, 7-9 pm
Dec Trumpet Fiction: Crime & Recovery
Hosted by D Ferrara on Sat, Dec 8, 7-9 pm, with readers Loren Kleinman, Judy L. Mandel, Dorothy Marcic, and Lauren J. Sharkey
Jan Trumpet Fiction: Spec Fiction Night
Sat, Jan 12, 7-9 pm, with Chelsea Graham, Dave K, Justin Sanders, Michael B. Trager.
Feb Trumpet Fiction: Eastern European Writers
Hosted by Ileana Nachescu Sat, Feb 9, 7-9 pm with readers Angela Ajayi, Marek Kulig, Maia McPherson, and Claudia Serea
March Trumpet Fiction: Cosima Smiled
A Night of Women Scientists in Fiction. Featuring new books from Karen Heuler, Andrea Rothman, and Erika Swyler. Sat, March 9, 7-9 pm
The Device
Her collarbones jut outward, her shoulders, her elbows. She is all erection.
Summer 2018 Issue Launch: June 16
With work from Matthue Roth, Sarah Doudna, Norman T. Leonard, and Iris Anixter. Saturday, June 16, 7-9 pm
Welcome to Ducts’ 41st Issue!
Featuring Iris Anixter, Sarah Doudna, CJ Giroux, Norman T. Leonard, Matthue Roth, and Benjamin Harnett, with guest arts editor, Colin Grubel.