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God Does Not Play Dice With The Universe
for Daniel Olson
The Blackberry Tunnel
"Fierce black eagles, frogs, and bears were painted over the doors..."
Entering The Whirlpool
"The first animal that Kevin saw killed..."
Leaving Texas
He zipped up his pants, adjusted the car seat and started the engine.
From Lost Parkour Ps(alms)
Psalm Dream
An Interview with Peter Dobill
Share:FacebookTwitterLinkedinTumblrPrint Holly Faurot & Sarah H. Paulson met with Peter Dobill in their Brooklyn studio on May 4, 2010. The following is an excerpt from the hour-long interview. SARAH: On your website and in your artist statement, you refer to your performances as “actions.” Why is that? PETER: I don’t really like to use “performance” because for me it implies that there is always an audience present.
Willoughby Windows
Share:FacebookTwitterLinkedinTumblrPrint Willoughby Windows transforms 13 vacant storefronts into a street level gallery, bringing art directly to the community. Over 14 well known artists, all with roots in street art, have contributed to this project, most creating site specific works. This network of visual experiences can help redefine how people visiting, working and living in Downtown Brooklyn think about and interact with their environment during a time of transition.
Mining Color: Laura Moriarty’s Encaustic Works
Share:FacebookTwitterLinkedinTumblrPrint From a distance, Laura Moriarty’s latest sculpture ‘Upheaval’ looks like its namesake. Displaced mounds of waxen pigment are collected on two large, wooden pallets, tilted and overlapping like slowly advancing tectonic plates. Upon closer approach, the geomorphic formations of paint reveal incredible diversity – unexpected veins of color, striations of texture, and glimpses of interior spaces.
The Store
In memory of Domenick Angiello.
For MFA Candidates: A Warning
...unaware, oblivious, to your imminent disgorgement...
It's all fun and games until someone goes to jail.
The Ties That Bind
...a heap of broken tips and eraser dustings all over the floor...
Hemingway’s Gatsby
I watched Helen struggle with the essay question
It’s All Dental
...I get my kids a pizza just so I can get myself some gumballs.
In the Name of Peace
I shiver as I sit in my brother’s synagogue...
Blue Notes
The only information I had from the catering company was the address…
The Divinity of Dink
Early Brothel with a hint of Graceland…
Tattoo You
He pointed to his right arm and explained, “Dad, this is my Jewish arm.”
Holy Communion!
Sometimes, I would even think about Jesus.
Can you call Security on Security?
I was wiser now...
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
An essay from a works-in-progress memoir entitled The Barracuda in the Attic & Other Memories.
The House on Crash Corner
In Between the Pieces
A Warrior’s Journey Home
"His empathy for soldier's who couldn't come home was personal."
In Wonder
“I felt it as a certainty, as a stone inside my chest, that we would separate if I kept on drinking.”
Dispatch From Wonderland
The Granville
Sunshine Factory—Part Three
Those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer finally come to an end.
Reality – What a Concept
The Gang of Three
Four Poems
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Two Poems
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wasp on white film
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Two Poems
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Two Poems
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Three Poems
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Two Poems
Author’s Note: These poems were inspired by the illuminated manuscripts of 15th-century French artist Simon Marmion.