Table of Contents
The Encounter
Essays: Issue 19
How Not to Greet Famous People
Humor: Issue 8
The Waiting Room
Winter: Issue 6
Dupont Loses Its Birdman
Share:FacebookTwitterLinkedinTumblrPrintAt first, we were unaware of the passing. My wife Supalak and I were on our way home, waiting for the D2 bus that would take us from Dupont Circle to our apartment in Glover Park. There was a palpable sense that something had changed in the cool April air at the north entrance to the Dupont Circle metro escalator.
Look At Me
A generation run amok
And what is to stop a Van Gogh —
Scenes from an Ideal Marriage
after Cy Twombly, 1986
Mistranslating Rimbaud
(For Jean Kiernan Gabbay)
Cold Pastoral
Dear Rubens
Medici Gallery, The Louvre
Homage to Alec Baldwin
after "Homage to Sharon Stone" by Lynn Emanuel
This girl
Helicopter Hands
After the Katrina paintings of Rolland Golden
The Problem Is You’ll Become Someone Entirely Else
A Love Letter to Emily
Eyewitness Accounts
Nanna Debois Buhl in the Virgin Islands
From Behind the Partition Wall
A Conversation Between Two Artists
Yorkville: Stoops to Nuts
A Valentine for Nan
Reality-What A Concept
The DC King's Untimely Demise
Map of a Small World
End of Angels, Loss of Wings
The Moments Between
One Good Bone
Nonviolent Communication
The woman who treated me badly...
Easter Lilies
To peel green bananas
The Difficult Ones
The Possibility of Being Who You Are
Daniel Cheated
Short-changed by life
Reader Comments
Excerpted from the posts of
Cartoons by Bob Eckstein
Male Child A consumes 7 pieces of deep-fried chicken
Buzz Kill
How the Other Half Speaks
People I Am Sick of Hearing About
Less Nico Muhlys and more Harvey Pekars
Strangers with secrets meet in post-War Germany.
Hung Over in the Playground
An ambivalent mother regards the Other Parents.
Are You Experienced?
Jerusalem just minutes from Epcot Center
Love, Translated
A life that could have been.